Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Put Your Information on Display: Enclosed Bulletin Boards

Whether you own a business, publish a blog, or are hosting a public event - making sure that the word gets out is a critical part of your success!  Bulletin boards are the perfect way to display your information with business cards, pictures and flyers.

Enclosed Bulletin Boards are decorative, durable, functional and portable!  You can easily customize them, and make them your own.  Making it easy to capture the attention of anyone who walks past.

Enclosed bulletin boards come in a variety of styles and finishes.  Including wooden, plastic, cork, and fabric.  There are even ones that are built for the harsh weather conditions of the outdoors. 

Bulletin boards are rather fancy, and look great with any decor.  They also make great photo displays!  Personally, I love the look of the enclosed fabric bulletin boards.  

Another great option are the enclosed cork bulletin boards.  Making it quick and easy to post up new information and take down the old.

How do you put your business information on display?

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