Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tattoo Removal - When Life Changes!

I made the decision to get my first tattoo when I was 18 years old, a purple rose on my right ankle.  
Within two years, I had gotten two more, another rose and a butterfly.  I will be 37 this year, and there is only one tattoo that I have considered getting removed.  

I've considered getting clinical tattoo removal for several years now, the red rose that has some weird, odd, strange lines around it.  Luckily, I chose to get all three of my tattoos in places that are covered the majority of the time.

I know that tattoos haven't always had the best reputation.  It has been rumored that people with them are trouble makers, and even worse.  Personally, I think that a tattoo is a form of personal expression, much like wearing jewelry or having your ears pierced.  A tattoo doesn't change who a person is on the inside, and we all know that is what matters most.

I've known several people who have gotten tattoos that they later regretted, and having them removed was their only option.   Maybe it was a name of an ex, or possibly something rather embarrassing that was done in the spur of the moment.  No matter the reason, it is nice to know that tattoo removal is an option.

Do you have a tattoo?


Tara V said...

I got my first one at 18 also, a purple sun on my right ankle. I'm 37 now and have 10 tattoos. I agree that they are a form of self expression. I love all of mine, even the one from when I was 18. I had one done I didn't love so I went and had some things added to it and now I love it.

KathleenSD said...

I do have a tattoo but it is located where the "sun doesn't shine" so to speak so I don't really have to worry about tattoo removal. It will be there forever as far as I am concerned. Some people get tattoos in all sorts of places and while it might look cool when you are young, when you are 70, its a different story.