Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Target Christmas Clearance 70 Percent Off!

I went to Target this morning after dropping the kids off at school to check on the Target Christmas clearance sale.  Our Target is currently still at 70 percent off. I am hoping that it will to go to 90 percent later this week, I'll go back again on Thursday morning to check again!

If you are looking for great deals keep your eyes open because now is the perfect time to stock up on Christmas items for next year. Target clearance is always my favorite way to stock up for holidays and birthdays!

While I do purchase a few items at 50 and 70 percent off, I hold off the majority of my shopping for the 90 percent off Target Christmas clearance!

Do you shop clearance to create a stock pile of gifts and other items?

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Unknown said...

Seriously this weekend there was very little left in Shreveport at Target. But I did get (2) 60X120 cloth table cloths for only 4.50 each. Great Deal!!!